Run, Roll, Ride & Ribs set for August 19th

It’s not about being the first one across the finish line (well maybe for some) or how fast you completed the route (again, maybe for some), it’s about having fun with your family and friends, getting a little exercise, and raising money for a local need.
Six years ago the inaugural Grasshopper Run, Roll ‘n Ride took off from Hallock with participants set on the finish line in Lancaster, a 13.2 mile half marathon.
What makes the RRR unique is the option of running the route, rollerblading (inline), or riding bicycle for the full 13.2 miles or the shorter 10K event. The Grasshopper name is important because the route takes you through Grasshopper corner north of Hallock and East of Lancaster. It works well because it is also a nearly perfect midway point between the two towns.
About 125 eager participants took to the highway that first year battling a horrific north wind but an otherwise great morning, and all finished with a feeling of beating Mother Nature at her best. Mother Nature has been a lot more cooperative since the first year and it has been great weather ever since.
Each year the start and finish locations are alternated so the odd years start in Lancaster and the even years start in Hallock. This years event will start in Lancaster (at the gazebo) and finish in Hallock. In 2015 a 5K was added to the route to include more participants. Most participants have been from Kittson County and surrounding areas but also include Bemidji, Fergus Falls, and Florida to name a few.
Two years ago the Run, Roll ‘n Ride was added to the Ribfest schedule held each fall in Hallock. Now you can get some exercise in the morning and reward yourself with competition style ribs cooked by local grill masters.
In its five year existence the Grasshopper Run, Roll n Ride has donated over $8,000 to local needs in the area. Money raised has helped support the Hallock Pool Fund, the Kittson County Fair, the Lancaster Community Center and the Lancaster Playground Fund. This years event will help raise funds for updating the Gilbert Olson playground in Hallock.
A new sponsor in 2017 is Revelation Ale. They will be sponsoring the finish line and will reward all finishers with a FREE beer or rootbeer. The cost to participate is $30/person for a family rate of $70 (up to 5 people).
Without the help of local business sponsoring the event, the Hallock and Lancaster Lions clubs, and volunteers, this event would not take place each year. So strap on your sneakers or inline skate, pump up your bicycle tires and hit the road to help update the Gilbert Olson playground.
This year’s event will be held Saturday, Aug. 19. For additional details, see our ad in this weeks paper and follow us on facebook: Run, Roll, Ride ‘n Ribs

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