Moore picture makes national calendar


(Left) THE 2018 THRIVENT FINANCIAL calendar features this photo for February by local resident Kelsey Moore. The caption reads “… hugging and kissing the frosted glass.” “My daughter quickly learned frozen windows could ease her teething pains. She spent most of her visit at my sisters house hugging and kissing the frosted glass.” Kelsey Moore, Hallock, Minn. (Right) Kelsey Moore’s original picture of her daughter, Kaydence, that is featured in the February portion of the Thrivent Financial calendar is displayed in her home above the identical picture of her one-year-old son, Myles. Moore likes to display her favorite photos in her home and changes them up often as she continues to take more and more pictures of her family.                                                                                                    (Photos by Kelsey Moore)

By Margie Holmgren
     Kelsey Moore, Hallock, Minn., has taken her love of photography to nationwide recognition.
Moore, who has been an avid photogrpaher for years, stated she has submitted pictures to WDAZ and anywhere there is a photo contest.
     But last year Grandma Harriet Sanner clued her in to a photo contest being held by Thrivent Financial for their yearly calendar.
     Thrivent’s theme for the calendar was reflections explained Moore, so she sent in five different photos with reflection. Most were outdoor shots with water or other reflections but the winning photo was of her daughter, Kaydence, who is now a 4th grader, looking kissing frosted glass.
     Moore and her husband, Alex, have a son, Myles who just turned one. She recreated the photo with Myles as well and has them both hanging in her home.
     “I like to print out my pictures and hang them in our home,” explained Moore.
She also has made several photo books from trips and special occasions.
Moore has a picture in the Devils Lake, N.D. 2018 Official Visitors Guide thanks to a friend who follows her pictures and works for the Devils Lake tourism group.
     She also had a photo in a contest at the Lake Region Heritage Center, Devils Lake. Her photo was of a long parade of classic cars, with a flashy red car up front, with some advertising on the side.
     “Winning submissions were printed on canvas and hung in their gallery. The owner of the red car visited the gallery and came across my photo and contacted me asking if she could use my photo on social media and in return she would send me Cowboy Jack Popcorn.  I emailed her the photo to use and sent her the canvas print to keep,” explained Moore.
Her love of photography keeps Moore snapping, taking several pictures of every event they attend.
     So keep an eye out for Moore pictures as she continues to submit to contests and shares on social media and other sources.

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