Dr. Jana’s Chiropractic & Wellness now in Hallock

                                                                        Dr. Jana’s Chiropractic and Wellness  has opened in Hallock and will offer Massage therapy as well as chiropractic services. Serving Hallock will be (l-r) Lisa Sang, Dr. Jana Riley-Kraulik and Carol Riley.             (Photo submitted)

By Linda Andersen
     “Chiropractic is one of the most amazing discoveries to help the body heal naturally before depending on drugs and surgery” (Karlstad Family Chiropractic website, doctorjana.com/home.html).
     Dr. Jana Riley Kraulik, who has worked to keep her clients healthy and pain-free at her office in Karlstad since 2010, has now opened an additional office in Hallock.
     Joining her there to serve clients is Lisa Sang, who began employment with Dr. Jana in December of 2017.
     During a recent interview, Riley-Kraulik and Sang spoke of their backgrounds, what they enjoy about their work, and the chiropractic services they offer.
Dr. Jana, who grew up in Stephen, thought of going into dentistry like her father. Her oldest brother, 16 years her senior, became a chiropractor. She remembers how good it felt when he would come home and adjust her back and that turned her thoughts to the field of chiropractic medicine.
     She attended Northland Community and Technical College where she played basketball, went on to Bemidji State University, and completed her education at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn. She fulfilled internship requirements by working with Dr. Mark Pederson in Warren and with a chiropractor in the Twin Cities.
     In contrasting her education with that of a medical doctor, she explains that schooling for medical doctors involves more training in pharmaceuticals, while training for doctors of chiropractic receive more training in diet, health, and wellness.
     She worked for a time with Dr. Pederson in Warren before beginning her clinic in Karlstad. She once operated a satellite office in Drayton, which she has sold. She has also been offering services in Argyle two days a month.
What she likes best about her work is “seeing a variety of people.” Her patients range from newborn colicky babies to the elderly.
Dr. Jana, a wife and mother of five children, was happy to bring Lisa Sang on board. She says she has been able, with Sang’s help, to cut back from her former 60-plus hour work week. “It’s fun bringing Lisa on the team because she has experience with sports injuries,” she adds.
     Sang, who grew up in Karlstad and Greenbush, earned a B.S. degree in athletic training from Minnesota State University Moorhead in May of 2017. Although she originally thought of going to school for nursing, her interest in “proactive care” led her to the field of athletic training.
Sang enjoys the “customer interaction” aspect of her work and has found satisfaction in improving people’s lives. She offers the example of helping patients walk independently after using a cane or walker. “Jana is awesome to work with,” she adds.
     Sang offers massages, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) and personal training. She would like to start fitness classes in the evenings in Karlstad.
     She recommends people get an adjustment once a month before they are in pain. She compares such regular adjustments to regular dental checkups – keeping teeth healthy in order to prevent toothaches.
“You can replace your teeth with dentures, but you can’t replace your spine,” adds Dr. Jana.
     Besides spinal adjustments, Dr. Jana offers a variety of other services. One is dry needling, which involves using needles for therapy of muscle pain.
Another service is custom foot orthotics which involves taking a mold of the foot and sending it to Foot Levelers, a company which sends back a shoe or shoe insert. Sang shows a nice looking sandal as an example. Dr. Jana explains that these custom made shoes are “good for shock absorption” and are “good investment for people who are on their feet all day.”
Dr. Jana offers food allergy testing which involves taking a blood sample which is sent to a company where it is analyzed for intolerances or allergies to foods or food additives. Dr. Jana shares her personal experience of being tested and finding her body was intolerant of watermelon and almonds. She says one will often recover from such intolerance if one avoids the particular food(s) for a few months.
     Dr. Jana also offers cupping therapy which is ancient Chinese therapy “to pull out toxins and increase circulation.”
     She offers neuromuscular re-education which is a technique to restore normal movement. She explains that “all muscles have memory” and this technique retrains muscles to not have memory of whatever caused stress.
She also helps women with fertility issues which, in part, involves genetic testing and the taking of supplements. “You should be on a good prenatal vitamin before you become pregnant,” she advises.
     Selling supplements is yet another service she provides. One can now order supplements from her online at drjana.nutridyn.com
Visit the site and find a plethora of supplements, ranging from Argine Plus to Vitamin A Fish Liver Oil. Dr. Jana says the most commonly purchased supplements are Myocalm (a natural muscle relaxer), protein powder, supplements for weight loss or sports injuries, and prenatal vitamins.
     “We have a great working relationship with Kittson Memorial Clinic,” states the doctor saying the clinic has very nice digital x-ray equipment if she needs to refer a patient for x-rays.
     “We hope people will give us a try,” she concludes, adding that they may be able to help a patient avoid something “invasive.”
Dr. Jana will be in Hallock on Thursdays. Sang will be there on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.
     Dr. Jana’s Chiroprac-tic & Wellness of Hallock is located in the new fitness center (old fire hall) right across from The Farmer’s Store. For more information, visit their above mentioned website, their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/karlstadchiro/posts) or call 218-436-4264.

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