Minnesota Association of SWCDs celebrate 80th anniversary of Minnesota first SWCD

     On Tuesday, Aug. 14, the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (MASWCD) will join other conservation organizations in celebrating the 80th anniversary of the first established Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in Minnesota. The Winona County SWCD was established in 1938 under the name Burns-Homer-Pleasant Soil Conservation District and has since enabled conservation partnerships with the goal of protecting and enhancing the area’s valuable water and soil resources.
     “This anniversary represents a major milestone in voluntary conservation with landowners not only for the Southeast Minnesota region, but for the state as a whole,” said Kurt Beckstrom, President of MASWCD. “The Winona County SWCD supervisors and staff should take pride in the legacy of resource stewardship they’ve helped create over the years.”
     MASWCD will join members of the Winona County SWCD, the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR), and the USDA’s National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) at a celebration event Tuesday, Aug. 14, which will include an afternoon conservation bus tour and a viewing of a rainfall and erosion simulator and the Whitewater Watershed LEGO® Model (comprised of 26,000 Legos!) For additional details on the celebration, visit the Winona SWCD website.
     “From the beginning, our focus has been to promote soil and water conservation in Winona County,” said Leo Speltz, Chair of the Winona County SWCD Board of Supervisors. “Agencies working together helps us implement conservation practices that work for local landowners while creating a positive impact on our natural resources.”
                                                  About MASWCD
     The Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (MASWCD) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to representing the interests of and providing a common voice for Minnesota’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs). SWCD supervisors are locally elected officials who work with landowners to carry out voluntary and meaningful conservation programs. For more information about MASWCD and the work of SWCDs across the State of Minnesota, visit www.maswcd.org. .

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