A Celebrity Among Us


Mountain Man Tim Geraudy enjoyed his time in Hallock for the All School Reunion.

By Linda Andersen
      A celebrity joined the festivities of the all school reunion in Hallock this past July. Tim Geraudy, better known as Mountain Man, paid a visit to his old home territory after having left more than fifty years ago.
Geraudy became famous after appearing in a number of episodes of the reality television series, “Duck Dynasty.”
     Contacted by phone, Geraudy said he’d always wanted to return to Hallock. “I was so impressed by how clean it was…Everybody’s so nice there – I didn’t want to leave.” He noted that the old ice skating rink and theater were gone, but the old grain elevator was still there.
He mentioned a trip to Lake Bronson – “We drove around it and went up in the tower – it brought back a lot of memories.”
     Geraudy’s ties to Hallock were rekindled a few years ago when his former Hallock classmate Shane Weleski called in to Geraudy’s radio show. Weleski was asked if Geraudy had changed in fifty plus years, Weleski replied, “Ya, he’s got a beard.” He added that, after hearing about his former classmate’s fame, he looked him up on the Internet and could tell instantly it was Geraudy by his eyes.
     Geraudy has written a book, “Mountain Man: Keepin’ a Slow Profile,” in which he mentions Hallock: “I was three and we headed to a small town about twenty-five miles from the Canadian border…The land was vast and flat and winters were cold. Beautiful woods and clear lakes surrounded us. We played in the cemetery for fun and threw acorns at each other, and Daddy spent time teaching us how to fish…We lived in Minnesota for five and a half years. I talked then like I do now – real slow with a southern accent – so kids made fun of me…Thankfully after a while everyone got tired of making fun of me and I made some good friends and had a lot of fun…I caught my first fish on Lake Bronson…Just after Christmas when I was nine years old and in the third grade, my daddy got transferred and we moved to Portland, Tennessee.”
     Geraudy grew up to become an air-conditioning repairman, a repairman with a heart who took time for people. As Geraudy writes in his book, “A lot of time when I went to people’s houses, I would meet someone who didn’t get out much to talk to anybody. I took the time to talk with them and it would slow me up.”
     Also, in his book, he explains how he came to have the moniker “Mountain Man” and how he came to appear on “Duck Dynasty.” A man named Marty is responsible for the nickname. “Marty called me Mountain Man because I grew up in the hills of Tennessee and was always in the woods. The name stuck and now most everyone calls me Mountain Man.”
In need of an air-conditioning repairman, “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson called Geraudy. Eventually, Robertson asked Geraudy to appear on his show and the rest is history.
Geraudy’s Christian faith is strong and he indicates in his book that God is responsible for putting him in the spotlight. “I was in Willie’s office one day after my popularity grew on the show. He said, ‘Mountain Man, when you were running them hills up in Tennessee as a kid, did you ever think you’d be on TV on a show like this?’”
     “I said, ‘Not in a million years, Willie.’ And then I said, ‘What do you think. Willie? Did you ever think you would go into something like this?’”
     “‘Not in a million years, Mountain Man. Yes, God has been good to us, ain’t he?’”
     “‘Yep. He works in mysterious ways.’”
     More opportunities have and are coming Geraudy’s way. He began a radio program and     visits schools to talk about bullying, drugs, and abstinence.
He has appeared on the shows of both Jimmy Houston and Rolland Scott Martin. He and his son, Jonathan, appeared in a movie with Kristy Swanson, “A Belle for Christmas.” Geraudy played the part of Santa Claus; Jonathan played the dog catcher.
He is currently working with award winning producer and director Josh Mills on some program possibilities. “We really are striving for good, clean, wholesome entertainment,” said Geraudy.
     Asked if he planned to visit Hallock again, Geraudy responded, “Most certainly,” adding that he intends to visit in the “heart of winter,” and do some ice fishing. He also noted that his friend Shane Weleski has invited him to deer hunt with him.
Geraudy had concluding words for Hallock area residents, “I miss everybody up there; it was sad to leave.”
     To learn more about Geraudy or to contact him by way of email, visit his website at https://mountainmansworld.com

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  1. Opal Thompson Lander on September 12, 2018 at 9:46 am

    There’s something about that little town of Hallock, that is special, even if we’re not Swedish’ Like you, I was born & raised in good old Hallock, Minn. I graduated in 1948 and moved away from Hallock in 1950. Because my folks still lived there, we continued to go back for a visit most every summer. I too, always enjoy it and it brings back many good memories of the “good old days.” I’ve stayed in touch with many old friends & classmates; however there aren’t many of us left. I miss my trips to Hallock, but I’m almost 88 & now most all of my family and friends are gone. My husband, Leonard, who also was a Hallock guy, was a hometown Hockey star. Lots of good Hometown Memories. Blessings to you in your career.

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