Late August wind storm leaves damage in Humboldt

A large tree was uprooted in Danny Thorlacius’s yard in Humboldt during a severe wind storm the last week in August.                            (Enterprise Photo by Anna Jauhola)

By Anna Jauhola
     HUMBOLDT – The people of Humboldt are still cleaning up damage caused by a wind storm during the last week of August. Several large trees were ripped by their roots and knocked over when 70-mph winds whipped through town from the northwest.
“The damage was fairly extensive,” said City Clerk Brad Hemmes. “Everybody got something because it’s dry enough.”
     He said aside from the trees, several branches fell and have been piled up around town. The city will be picking up many of those piles and hauling them to the city burn site, Hemmes said. The annex between the elevator’s bins tipped over and a large barn nearby was also damaged, he added.
     Two uprooted trees lay in Danny Thorlacius’s yard, one of which landed on powerlines and sparked a small fire. Thorlacius said when the storm started, it sounded like hail and the wind whipped up into sounding like a freight train going through his yard for about 10 minutes. The hail sound was in fact sticks hitting his house.
     “It was a super loud, big storm,” he said. “I looked outside about 11 o’clock when the storm started to calm down and one of the trees took down a powerline. It was arcing and was 10 feet from my propane tank. That was a little too close for comfort.”
     Thorlacius called the authorities and the Hallock Fire Department responded to the incident. The fire didn’t cause any damage, Thorlacius said.
     Two of Humboldt-St. Vincent Elevator’s 25,000-bushel grain bins sustained heavy damage and one was completely blown off its foundation, said Bruce Chwialkowski, elevator manager. He said he’s unsure of an exact total of damage done at this point, noting the adjuster visited the site on Sept. 6.
     “We also lost some siding and things like that, but all will be replaced and fixed by insurance,” Chwialkowski said.

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