Rivera to take a leave from Kittson Memorial

The Board of Directors of Kittson Memorial Healthcare announced Friday, Dec. 21 that Dr. Ashley Rivera will take a leave. The board issued the following statement, three weeks after the annual Kittson Memorial Hospital Association meeting:
“Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center CEO, Dr. Ashley Rivera, will be taking a leave but will remain available for assistance or consultation. The KMHC Board of Directors appreciates Ashley’s consistent commitment and dedication to the KMHC organization.”
Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center has long been a fixture in Kittson County with a physical presence in Hallock and Karlstad.  The community deeply values this local healthcare facility and realizes the importance of the services offered, the benefits to the quality of life and the impact the organization has as the largest employer in the county.  The Board of Directors would like to emphasize that the goal of the organization is not only to survive, but thrive.
Patient care is the No. 1 priority of the board, administration and staff.  While there are regularly changes in staff, the commitment to patient care is unchanged.
The clinics, hospital, nursing home, lab and other departments are all seeing patients on a daily basis providing the continued type of care people have come to expect.
While there are concerns about finances, the situation is not nearly as dire as is commonly perceived. There is a significant amount of information that requires additional context. Cash flow is solid, payroll is being met without any problem, and bills are being paid in a timely manner.  There are growth opportunities that are being initiated such as a retail pharmacy.
This addition would add convenience for patients and add revenue to the organization.
KMHC is a critical part of the community and the goal is to provide quality, reliable care and continue to be there when needed.  The current members of the Board of Directors are:  Richard Mortenson, Chairman; Janelle Craigmile, Vice Chair; Bob Jaszczak, Treasurer; Sandy Wilson, Secretary; and Dr. Roland Larter.

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