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Vigorous Living combines training, sunless tanning to build confidence

By Anna Jauhola
For the last several years, Jordan Vig has been in the business of helping people change their habits by setting and attaining goals. Within the last year, she has worked to help people set health goals through personal training and wellness coaching.
Now, after much research, she is adding on to that business to provide something Hallock has never had.
Vigorous Living is the newest business to set up within the Xperience Fitness Complex along Highway 175. The suite itself doubles as a sunless tanning booth and a consultation space for personal and wellness training. She is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise.
“When Garrett and Darci (Reis) opened up this gym, they always thought they would do spray tan,” Vig said. “In their other locations, they have tanning beds, but you can’t do that in Minnesota.”
Darci Reis set the question to the community of what businesses they’d like to see in the complex. An overwhelming amount responded that spray tanning would be a wonderful addition. For Vig, she felt a sunless tanning business would work well with her established personal training business.
“So, I dug in,” she said. “It was a good time for research because it was summer. I started training and became a certified spray tan technician.”
Vig has also added Marcella Bowman to her crew as a part-time certified technician to fill in when she isn’t able to be in town.
To ensure clients have the best tan possible, Vig invested in Norvell Skin Solutions equipment and product, and built a custom booth with help from her husband, Matt. So far, she has had positive support and response from the community. She said Norvell is one of the No. 1 sunless tan companies, which includes organic solutions and all-natural, sugar-based solutions.
“It reacts with the top layer of skin only, which is why it is really important for people to exfoliate ahead of time,” she said. “Before they set up an appointment, I give them a prep card.”
On average, a sunless tan will last seven days and some products can help extend the tan. And it varies when someone should come in for an appointment. For example, a bride who wants a glow for her wedding should come in either one day or two days before the big day.
“If you want a glow, those first four days after are going to be where you have a nice glowy tan,” Vig said.
The booth itself is designed to be warm and inviting, featuring the word “Be-YOU-tiful” on it. The space has a comfortable area for clients to undress for a sunless tanning session.
“I want people to feel comfortable,” Vig emphasized. “For most people, it’s what they’re comfortable with. Some may undress all the way, but many will wear undergarments.”
Vig provides disposable undergarments or encourages clients to wear clothing in which they are comfortable and don’t care gets dirty. Clients can wear as much or as little as they choose, she said. Each client signs a spray tanning agreement, which leaves no room for error or misinterpretation on the client’s part regarding the process.
She hopes by offering sunless tanning that she not only helps build clients’ confidence but also creates a safe space for them to gain that confidence.
“Usually, it’s fear that holds you back from trying something new,” she said. “So I say, just do it scared.”
The suite doubles as a consultation area for personal training clients as well. When she became a personal trainer, Vig had already had a background in helping people set goals as a corrections officer.
“It’s kind of the same thing, really, just a different setting,” she said. “I’m working with people to help change their habits.”
She said many people with whom she has consulted came in, hesitant to start. Vig caters to both men and women of all ages who want a change and encourage anyone interested to stop by for a visit. She also leads group fitness classes that don’t require personal training.
“I love it and I love helping people,” she said. “Coming alongside them to help set goals that would otherwise be overwhelming. I love encouraging them.”
Although it may be intimidating at first, the cozy nook in her suite offers a calming environment to discuss what Vig offers.
“Personal training starts with a meeting, talking about goals, what they’re looking for and what they’ve done in the past,” Vig said.
She often will take body measurements and a one-site body fat pinch, which helps show changes made through personal training. These are done only if the person is comfortable, she added.
“But I encourage it,” she said. “The scale is one thing. Everyone wants to step on and lose pounds. But gaining muscle mass, people don’t realize that’s a part of your weight. The clients I have had so far have seen progress (through measuring) and it’s motivating.”
Aside from exercise, Vig provides wellness training to set goals toward such things as better nutrition and drinking enough water. Outside the gym and her suite, Vig also provides online challenges to encourage those goals and encourages clients to contact her with any concerns, whether they’re struggling or just simply have a question.
“There are so many times in life when we’re held back from personal goals and life experiences,” she said. “For personal training, just show up and start where you’re at. Then take it one day at a time. Focus on progress rather than perfection.”
Her advice for those with reservations about sunless tanning – “Let go of insecurities. It is a healthier alternative to UV exposure and there is something about that subtle sunless glow that makes a person feel good.”

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