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County to consider becoming Second Amendment Sanctuary

By Anna Jauhola
The Kittson County Board of Commissioners has appointed a committee to discuss the possibility of the county becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary.
During the board’s regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan., 21, Amanda Hughes, chair of the Kittson County Republicans, asked the board to consider a resolution.
“Two things spurred me to this declaration,” Hughes said. “One thing, watching what’s happening in Virginia, the House and Senate, the governorship, have become Democrat for the first time in 20 years. Virginia is much like Minnesota with metro and rural areas.”
She and others who attended the meeting last week said they are concerned for the rights of the citizens of Kittson County. They don’t want government interfering in the people’s right to own guns.
“People are saying Democrats are well-positioned to take our state Senate,” she said. “That was confirmed when the Republican majority rolled out a 2020 plan, which includes gun confiscation laws. That’s coming from the Republican party.”
She, among others, are concerned Red Flag laws – such as those proposed in Virginia – will begin to materialize in Minnesota as well.
If Red Flag laws were put in place, they would allow law enforcement to confiscate guns from people without due process.
Former Kittson County Sheriff Kenny Hultgren attended the meeting in support of the possibility of the county becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary.
“Part of the issue is there’s no recourse unless you go through court,” Hultgren said. “But let’s say we do a transfer between us of guns – guns you aren’t qualified to handle – then with Red Flag laws, you’re a felon.”
Hughes added she’s worried, should the government infringe upon the right for private citizens to bear arms, not only will their safety be in jeopardy, so will law enforcement’s safety. Sheriff Mark Wilwant attended the meeting too and answered in the affirmative when asked by Hughes whether he had sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
Hughes presented a document with proposed language for a resolution to make Kittson County a Second Amendment Sanctuary.
Board Chair Theresia Gillie proposed assembling a committee, assigning Commissioners Leon Olson and Darrel Johnson, as well as Wilwant, Hultgren, County Attorney Bob Albrecht and County Administrator Eric Christensen. The board will review the language and discuss the issue. They did not set a time frame for a decision on the resolution.

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