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Kittson Central Board Meeting February 19, 2020

Kittson Central Board Meeting
February 19, 2020
The Board of Education of #2171 met in regular session February 19, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. in the Kittson Central boardroom. Members present were Mike Sugden, Crisa Mortenson, Amanda Pinnock, Eric Ristad, Matt Kuznia and Mark Johnson. Mike Olsonawski was absent.Also present were Superintendent Jaszczak, Jami Carr, Sonja Klein, Margie Holmgren, Ava Mortenson, Lauren Klein and Stephanie Hanson.
The meeting was called to order by Sugden. The agenda was approved by Johnson, seconded by Kuznia. Motion carried. Minutes from January 22, 2019 were presented. Motion to accept minutes by Mortenson, second by Ristad. Motion carried. The bills having been audited and found correct were ordered to be paid. Post payment bills (hand payables) were approved for $12,235.89. Prepayment bills of $27108.06. Activity Fund Post Payments of $0 and prepayments of $5,886.27. Payroll Electronic Fund Transfers in the amount of $210,449.30, Payroll Checks in the amount of $41,782.01. Donations of $379.40.
End of the month balances were:
01                             $2,553,902.74
02                                $(11,732.41)
04                                  $11,764.92
06                                $150,756.29
07                                  $88,153.89
08                                  $40,579.59
21                       $96,704.29
Totals               $2,930,129.31
on a motion to approve by Mortenson, seconded by Pinnock. Motion carried.
Mrs. Carr talked about the regular season sports wrapping up, and playoffs starting with hockey on Feb. 20th. GBB will be playing a pigtail game on Monday, Feb. 24th. One of the teacher conference dates was moved from March 9th to March 17th.
Ava Mortenson and Lauren Klein presented the senior trip itinerary to the board with the class leaving on April 4th and returning on the 11th. Motion to approve Pinnock second Ristad. Motion carried.
Superintendent Jaszczak requested permission to start seeking estimates for a parking lot construction next to the playground and the resurfacing of the arena parking lot. The Board agreed. No motion required.
The superintendent contract was presented for three years with the beginning date of July 1, 2020. Motion to approve Ristad, second Kuznia. Motion carried.
The 2020-2021 school calendar was presented with the understanding that it may change if the legislature approves a start date before labor day. Motion to approve Pinnock second Mortenson. Motion carried.
Superintendent Jaszczak talked about conferences coming up and that they are trying something new to help with the new math curriculum. Jessica Strom, MCTM director, will be here to provide tips for parents to better help their students with homework. Flu season has hit again after we had a reprieve after Christmas. He will be traveling to the cities next week to the Capitol to do some lobbying on new policies, school calendar start dates, and other education related topics.
Next meeting is March 25th at 8pm. Motion to adjourn Mortenson second Pinnock. Motion carried.
Stephanie Hanson
Recording Clerk
(April 1, 2020)

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