Food pantries have more clients and great community support

By Anna Jauhola
Kittson County food pantries have seen increased client numbers and less contact since COVID-19 began impacting the state. But, that has not deterred organizers from operating and it has not diminished supply.
The Cornerstone Food Pantry in Hallock and the Care and Share Pantry in Lake Bronson have both suspended clients the ability to individually pick out their food orders. Instead, each facility pre-packs boxes of food for pickup at the door.
Heather Peterson, director of Cornerstone Food Pantry, said this has been the biggest change for them.
“We used to allow clients to come in and choose what they need,” she said. “Then we had a shopping list each client would mark off what they needed. But then with the increase in the number of people coming in, that was no longer efficient.”
Now, Peterson and her volunteers pack variety boxes, which gives clients an assortment of food but not necessarily exactly what they’d like.

Read the entire story in the April 29 issue of the Kittson County Enterprise.

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