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The Lancaster School Board met in an emergency session on Friday, May 15, 2020, at 12:00p.m. in the math room and via Zoom. The following members were physically present: Langerud, Nordin, Peterson and Lupien. Joining via Zoom: Diamond; joining via telephone: Homstad. Also present were Supt. Shannon Hunstad, and Mendy Coffield. Others joining via Zoom: Nicole Thompson, Kittson County Enterprise Anna Jauhola, Sandie Nelson, Cory Waling, Jim Scalese, Janet Johnson, Chad Kujava, Sarah Lenhart, Mike Whitlock, and Kristi Steen.
Chairperson Diamond called the meeting to order and took roll call. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.
Given the Governor’s orders, graduation cannot be held inside the school or on school grounds. Both the Superintendent and School Board members could be held responsible if ceremonies are held on school grounds.
Supt. Hunstad presented two options for graduation. Both options were using the Lancaster City Park on Highway 59 as the venue for the ceremony. The City Council has been contacted for approval. At this time three of the members had approved this.
Option A: graduates and parents would remain in their vehicles. Graduates would get out for their speeches, musical selection and to receive their diploma,etc. Option B allowed for the graduates and parents to be seated on the grass for the ceremony. Supt. Hunstad noted that an area Superintendent had an inquiry into MSBA to ensure exterior seating is allowed.
Both Option A and B would include a Health Screening Checklist prior the entering the area.
Chairperson Diamond opened up the floor for input. Whitlock, Steen, Nelson, Johnson and Lenhart expressed their preference for Option B. Lupien commented she felt we should try to do what the parents and students prefer. Peterson noted his dislike for the way the State of Minnesota is considering this a one size fits all for all districts, especially given our graduating class size.
On a motion by Nordin, second by Peterson, and carried: Be It Resolved, that the Board of Education of Independent School District 356, approves Option B for the 2020 graduation ceremony. This motion is pending approval from MSBA. If MSBA does not approve, then Option A will be used. Roll call vote was taken: Aye: Diamond, Homstad, Langerud, Lupien, Nordin, and Peterson.
The next regular board meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, at 8:00 pm (DST).
Diamond adjourned the meeting at 12:45 p.m.
James Diamond, Chairperson
Lacey Lupien, Clerk
(May 27, 2020)

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