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Several seats up for election in August

By Enterprise Staff
The primary election in Kittson County is set for Tuesday, Aug. 11.
Several terms for county, city and school district political seats are up. Although the filing deadline for the county seats was June 2, anyone can still run a write-in campaign for the primary.
Commissioners Theresia Gillie, District 2, and Leon Olson, District 4, are up for re-election and have filed their paperwork.
Commissioner Corey Wikstrom, District 1, has also filed paperwork for re-election but is contested by two residents — Nathan Kraulik and Brian Anderson, both of Karlstad.
City council and school board members and prospective candidates across the county have until July to file for re-election or election. The following are those who are up for re-election or whose seats will be vacated:
Hallock City Council
Mayor Dave Treumer
Councilor Naomi Larson
Councilor Kevin Waller
KC School Board
Crisa Mortenson
Mike Sugden
Matt Kuznia
Mike Olsonawski
Lancaster City Council
Mayor Mike Olson
Councilor Jim Hilman
Councilor Luke Nordin
Lancaster School Board
James Diamond
Justin Peterson
Matt Nordin
Karlstad City Council
Councilor George Hultgren
Councilor Michael Wade
Tri-County School Board
Denise Sollund
Holly Burkel
Stephen Murray
Donaldson City Council
Mayor James Larson
Councilor Stan Utesch
Councilor Mary Pinnock
Halma City Council
Mayor Shane Olson
Treasurer Susan Walsh
Councilor Jeff Nobles
Councilor Mark Olson
Humboldt City Council
Mayor Rick Bakken
Clerk Brad Hemmes
Councilor Ron Gatheridge
Kennedy City Council
Councilor Cindy Urbaniak
Councilor Jonathan Pietruszewski
Lake Bronson City Council
Mayor Ryan Rector
Councilor Leana Kowalik
Councilor Phillip Matthew
St. Vincent City Council
Clerk Cheryl Phillips
Councilor Elizabeth Lapp

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