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City of St. Vincent Hearing Notice

Hearing Notice on Adopting
City Ordinance Code
City of St Vincent, Minnesota
Minnesota Statutes Sections 415.02 and 415.021 authorize the city to codify its ordinances and print them in a book.
Notice is hereby given that the council of the City of St Vincent, Minnesota, will meet at 7:00 p.m. on July 29, 2020, to consider, and possibly adopt, a city code regarding Small Farm Animals, including penalties for the violations of various provisions thereof.
The proposed Code of Ordinances shall consist of the following titles:
City Ordinance 20-01 Small Farm Animals
The official copy of this Code of Ordinance shall be marked and be kept in the office of the city clerk.
The Code of Ordinances will be declared to be prima facie evidence of the law of the city, and will be received in evidence as provided by Minnesota Statutes by the courts of the State of Minnesota.
The ordinance adopting the Code of Ordinances, and the Code of Ordinances itself, shall take effect upon publication of the ordinance adopting the Code of Ordinances in the city’s official newspaper.
/s/ Cheryl Phillips
City Clerk
(July 22, 29, 2020)

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