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Hand-painted murals set to be installed along Hwy 75 in Hallock

By Enterprise Staff
In the coming week, keep an eye out for a pop of color along Highway 75 on the south side of Hallock. Through a grant and funding from the Hallock Community Fund, 19 murals will be placed along the fenced-in stockyard by the PKM Electric building.
Connie Nelson received a $5,000 grant through Minnesota’s Clean Water Fund, plus a $4,000 grant through the Hallock Community Fund. She has most of the panels completed. The theme is “Faces” and the panels feature people, animals and plants. For example, she said she painted images of people riding bicycles and swimming, an older couple together, a farmer, and a person wearing a face mask to mark the timeframe in which the paintings were created.
She also included images of deer, an owl, a sunflower, a set of feathery wings and a play on the former Hallock Bucks.
The idea for the project originated a few years ago when an outside consultant visited to help the town improve its image.
Bakken Construction donated time and resources to install the structures to which the murals will be attached. PKM donated the gravel for the project, which is on PKM property. C&M Ford donated labor for clear-coating the panels and provided the panels themselves at cost. Many generous individuals also donated money toward this project, Nelson said.

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