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Bearcats demolish the Blades 14-0 in Wahpeton

By Dylan Johnson
The Kittson County Central Bearcats varsity hockey team beat Breck-enridge/Wahpeton Blades 14-0 on Thursday, Feb. 4 in a game held in Wahpeton.
Tyler Hennen led the Bearcats with 4 goals and Hayden Hennen led the Bearcats with 8 assists. Izyk Strege and T. Hennen started off the first period with 2 goals each, with assists overall going to Luke Misson, Daniel Johnson, Landon Sugden, H. Hennen, Wyatt Olsonawski and Adam Gustafson. The Bearcats kept their scoring chances rolling with 2 more goals scored by Morgan Muir, assisted by H. Hennen, and the other goal scored by Sugden, assisted by H. and T. Hennen to end the first period.
T. Hennen started off the second period with a goal assisted by Tyler Bakken. Hayden Olsonawski soon after added an unassisted goal to the mix. Carter Larson scored a goal assisted by Timothy Johnson and H. Hennen. To end the second period Adam Gustafson added a goal assisted by H. and T. Hennen, which ended the second period 10-0.
With a dominating score to start the third period, the Bearcats scored 4 more goals scored by T. Hennen, T. Johnson, Mission and Gustafson. Assists for the 4 goals put together go to H. Hennen, Sugden, Gustafson, Muir, Elijah Swanson, H. Olsonawski and T. Hennen. The Bearcats went home with a 14-0 win against the Breckenridge/Wahpeton Blades.

1st Period_1. KCC, Izyk Strege (Luke Misson); 2. KCC, Tyler Hennen (Landon Sugden, Daniel Johnson); 3. KCC, Morgan Muir (Hayden Hennen); 4. KCC, Sugden (H. Hennen, T. Hennen); 5. KCC, Izyk Strege (H. Hennen, Wyatt Olsonawski); 6. KCC, T. Hennen (Adam Gustafson, H. Hennen)
2nd Period_7. KCC, T. Hennen (Tyler Bakken); 8. KCC, Hayden Olsonawski (Unassisted); 9. KCC, Carter Larson (Timothy Johnson, H. Hennen); 10. KCC, Gustafson (T. Hennen, H. Hennen)
3rd Period_11. KCC, T. Hennen (Sugden, Gustafson); 12. KCC, T. Johnson (Muir, Elijah Swanson); 13. KCC, Misson (H. Olsonawski, H. Hennen); 14. KCC, Gustafson (H. Hennen, T. Hennen)
Shots_KCC, 43; B/W, 8
Penalties_KCC, 6 (12 minutes); B/W, 2 (4 minutes)
Saves_KCC, Wyatt Olsonawski, 8; B/W, Andrew Withuski, 19, Noah Pfeiff, 10

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