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Verizon to build new cell tower in Hallock

By Anna Jauhola
Verizon Wireless plans to construct a new tower in Hallock, which will improve coverage and capacity.
Verizon Wireless published a public notice last week in the Kittson County Enterprise stating its intention to build the 109-foot tower. It is proposed to be located on Columbus Avenue on the southeast corner of the fairgrounds.
Christopher Serico, a media representative from Verizon, said in an email the tower does not require lighting “and its sound would be limited to that of the structure’s backup generator.” He expects the tower to be constructed next year sometime, but does not have specific dates as of yet.
“Because this project remains in the planning stage, timing may vary, but if approved, construction could begin next year,” he said.
He added the tower will enhance 4G LTE coverage, which is important as broadband coverage is becoming even more needed as people work and attend school from home.
Verizon is considering a location at the southeastern corner of the Kittson County Fairgrounds, said Jeremy Folland, fair board member. The parties are considering a contract at this point, but have not committed to anything.
The public notice states anyone with an environmental concern can file a request for an environmental review at You can view the antenna structure registration (ASR) by visiting and enter the number A1185531.

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