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Kittson Central Board Meeting

Kittson Central Board Meeting
December 15th, 2021

The Board of Education of #2171 met in regular session at 8:00 p.m. in the Kittson Central boardroom. Members present were Eric Ristad, Crisa Mortenson, Mike Olsonawski, Amanda Pinnock, Matt Kuznia and Mark Johnson. Also present were Superintendent Jaszczak, Ed Lehrke, Susan Cadieux, Jami Carr, Margie Holmgren and Stephanie Hanson.
The meeting was called to order by Ristad. The agenda was approved by Mortenson seconded by Pinnock. Motion carried. Minutes from November 24th, 2021 were presented. Motion to accept minutes by Johnson, second by Olsonawski. Motion carried. The bills having been audited and found correct were ordered to be paid. Post payment bills (hand payables) were approved for $9,099.74. Prepayment bills of $419,155.09. Activity Fund Balance of $95,035,.01. Payroll Electronic Fund Transfers in the amount of $283,857.34, Payroll Checks in the amount of $56282.49. Donation of $844.00
End of the month balances were:
01 $2,557,297.45
02 $(31,347.13)
04 $(2,005.51)
06 $119,791.70
07 $364,191.12
08 $43,350.85
21 $95,035.01
Totals $3,146,313.49
on a motion to approve by Mortenson, seconded by Olsonawski. Motion carried.
Mrs. Carr talked about having the first home basketball game and how all winter sports are in full swing.
No patrons were present for the Truth and Taxation Public Hearing. The Revised Budget of Revenue for FY22 was approved
01 General Fund 4,194,131
02 Food Service Fund 185,500
04 Community Service 53,002
06 Auditorium —
07 Debt Redemption Fund 397,682
08 Trust Fund-Scholarship 16,500
21 Activity Account 72,500
Total 4,919,315
The Revised Budget of Expenditures FY20
01 General Fund 4,177,121
02 Food Service 224,320
04 Community Service 148,600
06 Auditorium 235,266
07 Debt Redemption Fund 424,500
08 Trust Fund 16,500
21 Activity Account 82,768
Total 5,309,074
Motion to approve the revised budget by Olsonawski, second Pinnock. Motion carried.
A recommendation to approve the certification of the final property tax levy was presented. Motion to approve Johnson, second Kuznia. Motion carried.
A recommendation to approve an increase of one hour time to teacher Emily Kuzels contract was presented. There are a few new students, which is requiring more time. Motion to approve Kuznia, second Olsonawski. Motion carried.
A recommendation to approve the 2021-23 extra-curricular salary schedule was presented. The increase was $100 across all columns. Motion to approve Kuznia, second Mortenson with Johnson abstaining. Motion carried.
A recommendation to approve the contract for retired teacher Brian Pastir was presented. He retired in October, but returned to cover the remainder of the school year. Motion to approve Mortenson, second Olsonawski. Motion carried.
A recommendation to approve the retirement of science teacher Kim Jones. She has been here 17 years and is diligently trying to help find a replacement. Motion to approve Kuznia, second Pinnock. Motion carried.
Superintendent Jaszczak talked about attending the MSBA convention in Minneapolis the second week of January. He also mentioned the need to replace the driver’s education vehicle and potentially the other small vehicle and is looking into what options would be the best fit. He is going to be posting to hire a math teacher, elementary teacher and science teacher soon.
Mr Jaszczak visited with Jeanna Kujava, the school nurse, and there are new guidelines for quarantine with a close contact. The new protocol the school would like to implement going forward is testing on day 7 of quarantine. If negative you could return to school on the 8th day. Mr. Jaszczak made a recommendation that the school implement this new guideline and continue to follow CDC guidelines as they are updated. Motion to approve Johnson, second Kuznia. Motion carried.
Next board meeting is January 26th at 8pm
Motion to adjourn by Mortenson, second by Pinnock.
Stephanie Hanson
Recording Clerk
(February 2, 2022)

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