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Landowners, commission work to fix dike issue in North Red River Township

By Anna Jauhola
Landowners in North Red River Township and the Kittson County Commissioners are looking at how to better regulate water in the unincorporated township. The commission acts as the township board and met with the landowners on Tuesday, Nov. 1.
In the 1970s, a 3-mile long dike was built in the township along the Red River, across sections 34, 28 and 21, skirting the edge of 27 and just into 16. Then, township roads surrounding about nine sections were elevated shortly thereafter. Between the dike and these roads, the elevations create a bathtub effect because, inevitably, water goes over the dike and pools between the dike and the elevated roads. According to older records, there was one permit issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to build the dike, said County Administrator Brian Buhmann.

Read the full story in the November 16 issue of the Kittson County Enterprise

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