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Bearcats defeat Pirates, lose in overtime to Ice Dawgs and Lakers

By Dylan Johnson
The Bearcats hockey team started off their second week of hockey for the season with another win — their third in a row — against the Crookston Pirates.
The Bearcats started the game with a goal from Tyler Hennen, assisted by Hayden Olsonawski, 1 minute into the game, to set the pace for the night. Hennen quickly went on to score another goal right after, again assisted by Olsonawski and Gavin Johnson.
Crookston was able to put 1 goal on the board, but the Bearcats quickly scored again to end the period, scored by Olsonawksi, assisted by Hennen. The first period ended with a score of 3-1.
During the second period, Hennen and Olsonawski earned the Bearcats 2 more goals. Crookston’s Jack Doda scored another goal for the Pirates, 1 of the 3 he scored for the night.
Going into the third period, with a score of 5-2, Doda scored another goal 10 seconds into the period and proceeded to score another 2 minutes after. This left the period in a 5-4 scramble for most of the game.
The Bearcats scored 1 more goal at the end of the period, Olsonawski from Hennen, to win the game 6-4. Jameson Turner had 32 saves for the night.

1st Period: 1. KCC Tyler Hennen (Hayden Olsonawski) 2. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski, Gavin Johnson) 3. Cr Ryan Street (Carter Trudeau, Jack Doda) 4. KCC Olsonawski (Hennen)
2nd Period: 5. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski, Isaac Gustafson) 6. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski) 7. Cr Doda (Trudeau)
3rd Period: 8. Cr Doda (Street) 9. Cr Doda (Unassisted) 10. KCC Olsonawski (Hennen)
Shots: KCC- 28 CR- 36
Penalties: KCC- 8 minutes (4 infractions) CR- 10 minutes (5 infractions)
Saves: KCC-Jameson Turner- 32 CR- Jaren Bailey- 22

The Bearcats had another game on Thursday, Dec. 1, in Mayville against the MayPort C-G Ice Dawgs, who started off the game with a goal right away in the first period. The Bearcats answered back with 2 goals after that first goal. Elijah Swanson scored the first goal, assisted by Tyler Hennen and Hayden Olsonawski. Hennen scored the second goal, assisted by Olsonawski. The first period ended with a score of 2-1 to the Bearcats.
During the second period, the Ice Dawgs scored 1 goal to leave the second period with a tie score of 2-2.
Going into the third period, the pace continued on both sides. The Bearcats scored two more goals at the beginning of the period, both by Hennen, assisted by Olsonawski, with 1 assist also going to Dana Brown. Soon after the last goal from the Bearcats, the Ice Dawgs scored another goal, with a score of 4-3.
With 15 seconds left in the game, the Ice Dawgs put 1 more goal on the board, sending the game into overtime. About halfway through overtime, the Ice Dawgs scored a goal to win the game. Isaac Lindegard had 36 saves for the Bearcats.

1st Period: 1. MP Noah Mehus (Jonathan Muhs) 2. KCC Elijah Swanson (Tyler Hennen, Hayden Olsonawski) 3. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski)
2nd Period: 4. MP Mehus (Cale Gensrich)
3rd Period: 5. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski) 6. KCC Hennen (Dana Brown, Olsonawski) 7. MP Mehus (Muhs, Walker McGillis) 8. MP McGillis (Mehus, Lucas Fugleberg)
OT: 9. MP McGillis (Muhs, Fugleberg)
Shots: KCC- 47 MP- 41
Penalties: KCC- 19 minutes (4 infractions) MP- 6 minutes (3 infraction)
Saves: KCC-Isaac Lindegard- 36 MP- Trevin Applegren- 43

The Bearcats ended another week of hockey with their first home game of the year on Saturday, Dec. 3, hosting the Detroit Lakes Lakers. The game started off with an equal pace from both teams, with Bearcat Tyler Hennen scoring first goal 5 minutes into the period, assisted by Gavin Johnson and Hayden Olsonawski. A few minutes later Hennen scored another goal for the Bearcats, assisted by Olsonawski.
The Lakers scored a goal just a few plays after that. To end the period, Eli Muir scored a goal for the Bearcats, assisted by Hennen and Ethan Hanson. The Bearcats were up 3-1.
There was no scoring during the second period for either team.
In the third period, the Lakers scored 2 goals, with the Bearcats scoring none, to send the game into overtime, which was a hard-fought one. The Lakers scored a goal halfway through the period to win the game 3-4. Jameson Turner had an impressive 42 saves for the Bearcats.

1st Period: 1. KCC Tyler Hennen (Gavin Johnson, Hayden Olsonawski) 2. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski) 3. DL Chase Kubowski (Ben Hines, Easton Wahl) 4. KCC Eli Muir (Hennen, Ethan Hanson)
2nd Period: NO SCORING
3rd Period: 5. DL Carter Bellefeuille (Cole Larson, Aiden Kennedy) 6. DL Bellefeuille (Jace Fields, Kennedy)
OT: 7. DL Larson (Kennedy, Bellefeuille)
Shots: KCC- 20 DL-46
Penalties: KCC- 0 minutes (0 infractions) DL- 6 minutes (3 infractions)
Saves: KCC- Jameson Turner- 42 DL- Josh Mack- 17

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