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Kittson Central Board Meeting November 23rd, 2022

Kittson Central Board Meeting
November 23rd, 2022

The Board of Education of #2171 met in regular session at 8:00 p.m. in the Kittson Central boardroom.
Members present were Eric Ristad, Crisa Mortenson, Mike Olsonawski, Teal Plaine, Matt Kuznia and Mark Johnson. Also present were Superintendent Jaszczak, Corinne Lipinski, Randy Weberg, Ken Urbaniak, Anna Jauhola and Stephanie Hanson.
The meeting was called to order by Ristad. The agenda was approved by Plaine, seconded by Olsonawski. Motion carried. Minutes from September 28th, 2022 were presented. Motion to accept minutes by Johnson, second by Kuznia. Motion carried. The bills having been audited and found correct were ordered to be paid. Post payment bills (hand payables) were approved for $19,688.64. Prepayment bills of $58,840.33. Activity Fund Balance of $96,119.46. Payroll Electronic Fund Transfers in the amount of $297,052.46, Payroll Checks in the amount of $51,352.66. Donation of $90.00.
End of the month balances were:
01 $2,871,734.33
02 $(18,144.48)
04 $31,416.70
06 $119,041.70
07 $337,894.79
08 $53,848.25
21 $96,119.46
Totals $3,491,518.75
on a motion to approve by Mortenson, seconded by Olsonawski. Motion carried.
Ken Urbaniak was in to ask about the combined polling places for special elections and why there couldn’t be a mail-in ballot option. Superintendent Jaszczak was going to look into it for him.
Mrs. Carr talked about the Fall Drama production and the success they have had. Vocal and instrumental contest was this last week and that went well for hosting. Post Traumatic Funk performed on Monday and there was a good crowd of people in attendance. All winter sports are underway. There will be no JV hockey this year as there will be a bantam team through the park board. There will be one team for both 7th and 8th grade GBB as there are not enough girls for two teams. The robotics team competed last weekend and did well. Elementary basketball has started and the 3rd grade girls group is large. They will likely have a couple teams.
A recommendation to approve the World’s Best Workforce summary was presented. This is an annual report that must be submitted to MDE by December 15th. Motion to approve Plaine, second Kuznia. Motion carried.
A recommendation to approve the hiring of Korey Soliah as an elementary paraprofessional. Motion to approve by Mortenson, second Plaine. Motion carried.
A recommendation to approve the agreement with Brady Marta to process payroll while Amanda Younggren is out on maternity leave. Motion to approve Mortenson, second Olsonawski. Motion
Superintendent Jaszczak talked about the new online ticketing system, which worked very well for Post Traumatic Funk on Monday and will be used for events in the auditorium going forward. Fall sports were complete with football having quite a bit of success. Basketball is ready with the shot clocks up. They are not mandatory this year, but will be next year. There is a full schedule of events from now until
Next meeting is December 21st at 8PM coinciding with the Truth and Taxation meeting.
Motion to adjourn by Plaine, second Mortenson. Motion carried.
Stephanie Hanson
Recording Clerk
(December 28, 2022)

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