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Bearcats defeat Bears, Blades, Broncos in hockey

By Dylan Johnson
The Bearcats started off another busy week of hockey in Lake of the Woods against the Bears on Tuesday, Jan. 31.
The Bearcats started off the game with 2 goals scored during the first period. The first goal was scored by Tyler Hennen, assisted by Ethan Hanson and Hayden Olsonawski. The second was scored by Olsonawski, assisted by Isaac Gustafson and Hennen.
Going into the second period leading 2-0, the Bearcats and Bears both went on scoring runs. The Bearcats scored 5 goals during this period, and the Bears scored 3 goals.
Going into the third period, the score was 7-3. During the third period, both teams scored 2 goals, leaving the game with the Bearcats winning 9-5. Jameson Turner had 29 saves for the game.

1st Period: 1. KCC Tyler Hennen (Ethan Hanson, Hayden Olsonawski) 2. KCC Olsonawski (Isaac Gustafson, Hennen)
2nd Period: 3. KCC Olsonawski (Hennen) 4. LOW Charlie Eck (Randy Wood, Jordan Kvernen) 5. LOW Kvernen (Eck, Wyatt Brown) 6. KCC Hennen (Timothy Johnson) 7. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski) 8. LOW Eck (Wood) 9. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski, Dana Brown) 10. KCC Hennen Olsonawski
3rd Period: 11. KCC Olsonawski (Hanson) 12. LOW Eck (Wood, Kvernen) 13. LOW Eck (Wood) 14. KCC Hennen (Unasissted)
Shots: KCC-38 LOW-34
Penalties: KCC- 8 minutes (4 infractions) LOW- 4 minutes (2 infractions)
Saves: KCC-Jameson Turner- 29 LOW- Oren Wenell-Jack- 30

On Thursday, Feb. 2, the Bearcats traveled to Wahpeton to play the Blades. The Bearcats started off the game strong with 3 goals in the first period. The first goal was scored 20 seconds in Tyler Hennen and assisted by Gavin Johnson. The second goal was an unassisted goal scored by Hennen. The third goal was scored by Morgan Muir, assisted by Elijah Swanson and Gus Gunnarson.
Going into the second period, Hayden Olsonawski had 2 goals for the Bearcats. Assists all went to Hennen, Ethan Hanson, Eli Muir and Dana Brown.
The Blades scored 1 goal at the end of the second period, to go into the third period with a score of 5-1 to the Bearcats.
Hennen scored 1 more goals for the Bearcats in the third period, and the Blades scored 2 goals as well, with an ending score of 7-3.

1st Period: 1. KCC Tyler Henne (Gavin Johnson) 2. Hennen (Unaissted) 3. KCC Morgan Muir (Elijah Swanson, Gus Gunnarson)
2nd Period: 4. KCC Hayden Olsonawski (Dana Brown, Ethan Hanson) 5. KCC Olsonawski (Eli Muir, Hennen) 6. WB Jace Johanson (Josh Hofman)
3rd Period: 7. KCC Hennen (Hanson) 8. WB Jack Rittenour (Kai McDonald) 9. WB Josiah Breuer (Johnanson, Hofman) 10. KCC Hennen (Unassisted)
Shots: KCC- 43 WB- 10
Penalties: KCC- 9 minutes (3 infractions) WB- 4 minutes (2 infractions)
Saves: KCC- Isaac Lindergard-10 WB- Andrew Withuski-36

Above, BEARCAT NO. 9 TYLER HENNEN celebrated his 100th point of the season during the game versus International Falls Broncos on Saturday, Feb. 4.
(Photos courtesy of KC Media Arts)


To end the week, the Bearcats hosted the International Falls Broncos on Saturday, Feb. 4. It was also Senior/Parents Night. This year’s seniors are Ethan Hanson, Tyler Hennen, Timothy Johnson and Hayden Olsonwaski, and statisticians Dylan Johnson and Jazzlyn Thompson.
The Broncos started off the game with a goal 2 minutes in. After that, the Bearcats went on a 3-goal scoring run. The first was by Hennen, assisted by Olsonawski. The second was by Olsonawski, assisted by Hennen. The third was an unassisted goal from Hennen. These three goals led to Hennen achieving his 100th point of the season, and 300th in his career. Congrats Tyler!
The Broncos started out the second period as well with a goal. Hennen and Olsonawski each scored 1 more goal in the second period to leave it with a winning score of 5-2.
During the third period, Hennen and Olsonawski contributed 3 more goals, and the Broncos scored 1 more. The game ended with the Bearcats winning 8-3. Jameson Turner had 29 saves for the night.

1st Period: 1. IF Max Dremmel (Colin Kostiuk) 2. KCC Tyler Hennen (Hayden Olsonawski) 3. KCC Olsonawski (Hennen) 4. KCC Hennen (Unassisted)
2nd Period: 5. IF Julius Maish (Royce Allan) 6. KCC Hennen (Unassisted) 7. KCC Olsonawski (Hennen)
3rd Period: 8. IF Kostiuk (Dremmel) 9. KCC Hennen (Unasissted) 10. KCC Hennen (Unassisted) 11. KCC Olsonawski (Ethan Hanson)
Shots: KCC- 32 IF-29
Penalties: KCC- 30 minutes (7 infractions) IF- 23 minutes (6 infractions)
Saves: KCC- Jameson Turner- 29 IF- Landen Story- 21


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