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Kittson Central approves local nursing contract with Kittson Healthcare

By Anna Jauhola
Kittson Central School will again see local nurses taking care of kids during this academic year.
During its regular meeting on Wednesday, July 26, the board of education approved Kittson Healthcare to provide the district’s nursing service at a reduced cost from the previous year.
“Last month, we talked about this and we now have two proposals,” said Superintendent Bob Jaszczak.
The board asked for more information about Avel e-Care out of South Dakota during the June meeting before making a decision. Avel provides schools, like Lancaster School, with equipment for their nurses to evaluate children who are ill. While the e-Care option provides immediate access to a nurse at any time during the day, the Kittson Central board reasoned the cost for a nurse in town and in-person was the about same.
Kittson Healthcare’s proposal was a flat $10,000 for the school year, which includes having a nurse at the school 5.5 hours per week. The nurse will also handle administrative duties, such as immunization records. The organization’s cost last year was $13,000.
Avel e-Care’s proposal was a three-year contract with subtle increases each year – $10,087 for year one; $10,440 for year two; and $10,805 for year three.
“I’d say even for a premium, we keep it local,” said Board member Mark Johnson. “I know you have the coverage for the five days a week, but only coverage in-house for one day, but again, if they’re willing to come whenever, we have access to healthcare in the community.”
He added that an agreement with Avel e-Care wouldn’t change the administrative involvement or time. Someone would still have to contact Avel, set up the equipment and take care of the student after the appointment.
“I think it’s valuable to stay local,” said Board member Teal Plaine. “Like Mark said, if it’s a little bit of a premium, it’s worth it. If it was a huge savings, then we’d have a deeper conversation.”
Plaine asked if Kittson Healthcare changed its cost after the board received a quote from Avel e-Care. Jaszczak said the facility re-evaluated the cost and services offered.
After school program
This school year, students in preschool through fourth grade will have the option of attending an after school program at Kittson Central. There are still some details to iron out, but Jaszczak presented the plan to the board and they voted in favor of moving forward with the program.
There will be two groups – preschool through first grade, and second through fourth grade. At least one adult will be in charge of each group with help from students age 14 and up.
There is a cost of $50 per child, per week. If there is a scheduled short week, such as MEA, parents will only be charged for the three days.
Children will receive a snack, have age-appropriate activities and older kids will have quiet time for homework, yet plenty of time to play.
“If we can free up even a couple (daycare) spots somewhere that will be beneficial,” Jaszczak said. “I don’t know if that’ll achieve that exactly, but I think there’s a need.”
Anyone interested in this program, or if you have questions, call the school at 218-843-3682.
In other business, the board:
• Approved the annual long-term facilities maintenance application, which allows the district to receive funding – typically $97,000 each year. This money can be used only for maintenance of the district’s buildings, such as $16,000 they recently spent to replace an HVAC control panel.
• Approved allowing Kittson Central students to participate in the KCC Cheer Team.
• Approved hiring Josh Rynning as the head KCC hockey coach for 23-24.
• Approved hiring Michelle Rosenau as the business manager administrative assistant. She will begin Monday, Aug. 21 and replace long-time employee Judy Shuck.
• Approved increasing the price for extra milk to 50 cents per carton.
• Approved keeping athletic and season ticket prices the same – individual adult and student, $6; family season pass, $155; single adult season pass, $85; single student season pass, $55; basketball only family season pass, $100; basketball only adult season pass, $60; basketball only student pass, $45.
• Approved a milk bid from Prairie Farms.
• Approved a fuel bid from Johnson Oil Co., with Johnson abstaining.
• Approved increasing substitute teacher pay from $125 per day to $130 per day.
• Approved the current mileage reimbursement rate to match the federal rate of 65.5 cents per mile. This is subject to change in January. When a school vehicle is available, but a staff member elects to drive their own vehicle, they will receive half of that mileage reimbursement rate.
• Approved keeping employee meal reimbursement rates the same as last year – Rural: breakfast, $6; lunch, $8; dinner, $15. Urban: breakfast, $8; lunch, $10; dinner, $30.
• Approved the 23-24 school handbooks.
The next school board meeting is Wednesday, Aug. 23 at 8 p.m.

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