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Notice of Year 2024 Budget Two Rivers Watershed District

Notice of Year 2024 Budget
Two Rivers Watershed District
The Two Rivers Watershed District hereby gives notice that it will hold a budget hearing pursuant to Minnesota Statute 103D to consider and approve its proposed 2024 budget on Thursday, September 7, 2023 beginning at 8:00 am in the District offices located at the Kittson County Courthouse, 410 S 5th Street, Hallock, Minnesota. Questions or comments regarding this proposed budget can be directed to the District Administrator at 218-843-3333. The following is the proposed budget for 2024.
Administrative Budget 2024 Proposed Budget
Administrative 126,901
Auto Expense 3,500
Capital Outlay 15,000
Conferences & Meetings 7,000
Dues & Subscriptions 4,500
Engineering 17,500
Information & Education 5,500
Insurance 5,500
Manager’s Per Diem & Expense 15,000
Office Supplies & Miscellaneous 3,000
Payroll Expense 32,723
Postage & Delivery 1,000
Printing & Advertising 1,500
Professional & Legal 18,000
Rent 12,000
Stream Gage 3,000
Telephone 3,000
Water Quality 5,000
Totals 279,624
Following the hearing, the Board of Managers will consider the 2024 general fund ad valorem tax levy, under law not to exceed the lesser of .096 percent of taxable market value or $500,000, to be levied over the taxable market value within the boundaries of the District.
An additional ad valorem tax set under law by the Red River Watershed Management Board will be considered in the amount of 0.0003627 times the taxable market value on taxable property within the watershed district. For 2024 the Red River Watershed Management Board has certified their levy at 75% of the maximum amount which equals $709,247 within the Two Rivers Watershed District. 2024 Ditch levies for all legal ditches under the jurisdiction of the District will also be considered at the hearing.
Dan Money, District Administrator 8/3/23
(August 23, 30, 2023)

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