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Students explore local humanities at museum

Kittson Central’s Humanities 1301 students visited the Kittson County Museum in Lake Bronson on Thursday, Jan. 25. This is a college in the classroom course.
A humanities course explores the human experience from various perspectives, so what better place to start the study of humanities than at the local museum and historical society.
Here, students saw exhibits that were cultural, political, historic and artistic in nature. From the exhibit of an Emmy award all the way to exhibits of old lawn mowers and tractors, to the jerseys and letterman’s jackets their grandparents wore, to the exhibit of Odin Langen’s political career as a Congressman, these students enjoyed all the ways in which history and culture are preserved at our wonderful local museum.
Next up, these students will draw on this visit and create a modern-era time capsule of items they think would be exemplary items for the next generation to explore.

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