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Kittson Central Board Meeting – August 28, 2019

Kittson Central Board Meeting
August 28, 2019
The Board of Education of #2171 met in regular session August 28, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. in the Kittson Central High School Library. Members present were Mike Sugden, Crisa Mortenson,Mike Olsonawski, Amanda Pinnock, Matt Kuznia and Mark Johnson. Also present were Superintendent Jaszczak, Jami Carr, Lindsey Gullickson, Tiffenie Larson, Janet Swenson, Margie Holmgren and Stephanie Hanson.
The meeting was called to order by Sugden. The agenda was approved by Johnson,  seconded by Mortenson. Motion carried. Minutes from July 24, 2019 were presented. Motion to accept minutes by Mortenson,  second by Kuznia. Motion carried. The bills having been audited and found correct were ordered to be paid. Post payment bills (hand payables) were approved for $6,365.45. Prepayment bills of $77,326.07. Payroll Electronic Fund Transfers in the amount of $149,566.33, Payroll Checks in the amount of $38,142.47. Donations of $21,180.46. Activity account prepayment $4,558.86, and post payment of $2,858.41.
End of the month balances were:
01    $2,451,790.25
02    $473.44
04    $41,402.20
06    $152,609.29
07    $242,920.26
08    $44,187.34
Totals    $2,933,382.78
on a motion to approve by Mortenson, second Olsonawski. Motion carried.
There was a couple questions posed to a board member about getting information out about the sports scheduling program and the ability to pay online for school lunches. Somehow to try and get this information out to the lower aged elementary students parents.
Mrs. Carr talked about the fall sports into their third week with the JH numbers looking good. The new elementary math curriculum prep work is coming along well. Also, the change with the 5th and 6th grade class going to a rotating schedule is implementing this year.  A parent spoke to her about the possibility of having a trap shooting team. Mrs. Carr is looking into what would be required.
A recommendation to have the Truth and Taxation Meeting date for December 18, 2019 along with the regular meeting. Motion Kuznia, second Pinnock. Motion carried.
A recommendation to approve the contract of Diane Younggren, retired teacher, to continue teaching FACS classes.
A recommendation to approve Katie Maaninga’s maternity leave with a projected return date of October 8th. Motion Olsonawski, second Mortenson. Motion carried.
A recommendation was made to approve the second reading of the assorted policies was made. Motion Johnson, second Kuznia. Motion carried.
A recommendation to approve Policy 713 Student Activity Accounting was made. Motion to approve by Olsonawski, second Kuznia. Motion carried.
Discussion was held about whether to have pm in-town busing.
Superintendent Jaszczak talked about the teachers returning the last couple days and getting their classrooms ready for the start of school. He talked about meeting with all staff and discussing the problem with screen time and how it affects both students and adults. Entry door panels on the front doors have been replaced. There is some brick on the exterior of the high school gym that needs repair, hopefully before winter. Student numbers are up by a few students from the previous school year. First day of school is Tuesday, September 3.
Next meeting is September 25, 2019 at 8 p.m.
Motion to adjourn Pinnock, second Mortenson. Motion carried.
Stephanie Hanson
Recording Clerk
(October 2, 2019)

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