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City of Lancaster 2020 Rates, Fees and Appointments

On a motion by Hilman, second by Bernstrom and carried the follow rates and fees schedule was adopted at the Lancaster City Council meeting on January 8, 2020.
Acting Mayor to act if Mayor absent: Faye Potrament
Fire Chief:  Casey Faken    $1,500.00 annual salary
Assistant Fire Chiefs:  Tyler Swenson and Chris Johnson-no annual salary
Fire Dept. fire reporting clerk: Lindsey Groves $500 per year as independent contractor-uses own computer and sets own hours

Responsibility areas:  City buildings – Luke Nordin
City Services, City Employees & Equip –Jim Hilman
City Infrastructure-Mike Olson
Liquor Store – Mike Olson
Park/Recreation – Kathy Bernstrom
Fire Department – Jim Hilman
Emergency Management Director-Mike Olson
Reimbursement Rate -0- (LCC code)
Board Appointments:     Lancaster EDA-City Council-no appointed at large members
Kittson Co. Affordable Housing-Faye Potrament
Floodplain Board of Appeals/Adjustment-Mayor and Council
Council Per Diems (this includes committees and other classes/meetings attended)
Mayor – $150 per mtg.
Council – $100 per mtg.
Mileage – current IRS mileage rate
Meals:  In State-Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner $12/$18/$22
Out State- B/L/D $15/$20/$25
Hotels:  In State $150 Out State $200
Fire Service Charges: $500.00 (minimum charge for first hour)- $1,000.00 (maximum fee).  Refer to current DNR rate schedule for equipment and labor costs to respond to state and federal calls for service.
Official Newspaper:    Kittson County Enterprise
Official Depositories: United Valley Bank; American Federal Bank; Border State Bank and 4M Fund (MN Municipal Money Market fund)
Officials allowed to sign checks and Certificates of Deposits:  Mayor, Mike Olson; Acting Mayor, Faye Potrament, and Clerk/Treasurer, Carol Johnson with a minimum of 2 signatures required on each check.
Designated Business Administrator with the authority to make Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)-Clerk/Treas. Carol Johnson
Official Insurance Agent: Dan Sjostrand Agency
Insurance issues:  The city does NOT waive the monetary limits on municipal tort liability established by MN Statute 466.04.
City Adopts the MN Historical Society and State Archive records retention guidelines.
BUILDING RENTAL RATES:  See rental rates sheet
Health Insurance maximum paid for Employee Individual coverage $450.00 per month.
Camping fees:    Tent Site         15.00
Daily Electric       20.00
Weekly electric   95.00
Monthly electric     240.00  OR $1150 if paid in full by June 1st
(covers May1st-Sept 30th camping season)
Permits:     Peddlers daily    50.00
Beer 3.2 daily    50.00
Restaurant 3.2 Beer & Wine On-Sale Annual 250.00-effective
licenses starting 1/1/2018
Off sale 3.2 Annual 250.00–effective licenses starting 1/1/2018
Clerk has approval effective each January 1 with the passing of the rates & fees schedule to pay any bills necessary to avoid late payments, receive discounts & meet payroll and all payroll expenses.
2/13/19 Council approved annual appropriation of $2,000.00 to Lancaster Business Association for Annual Events.
Mayor has ability to allow clerk to sign up to (4) Sunday Liquor Store events Department of Public Safety Temporary license applications where on-sale liquor and food maybe sold (no off-sale liquor) without further council approval.
Public Works Equipment/man hour rates:  Payloader $150/hr.; John Deere Tractor & 10’ Rotary Mower $150/hr; John Deere Tractor & 8’ Rotary Mower $125.00/hr; JD Front Mount Mower $125/hr.; and Employee rate for all other issues not involving Equipment $45.00/hr.  All of these items will be billed at a minimum of 1 hour per time. NOT FOR GENERAL HIRE-ONLY IF CITY ABATEMENT NEEDED.
Effective 1/1/18 Water Rates:  Minimum 6000 gallons and less $60.00/quarter and  $6.75/each 1000 gallons used above the  minimum.  Sewer Rates:  (Based on gallons of  water used)  Minimum 6000 gallons & less $60.00/quarter and $6.25/each 1000 gallon of water used above the minimum. Water Tower Paint/Maintenance fee per hookup $ 15.00/Quarter INDUSTRIAL PARK SPECIAL SEWER RATE:   (if water usage exceeds 30k) sewer rate is $18.80/1000 on all usage above 30k Bulk Water rates $15.00/1000 Gallon-minimum of 2000 Gal/$30.00  —  New account fee $35/Hookup fee $50.00. Meter Damages fees: $150.00 for inside water meter and $50 for outside meter reader.               Insufficient Funds Check charges are $30.00/check and will be added to the customer’s water/sewer account
Interest rate on overdue accounts 10% per annum. Minimum fee $5.00/month.
SPecial Assessments: eff. 1/1/17: New Water Hookups $4,500.00, 20 yr. assessment with 5% interest per year & Effective 1/1/17 new Sewer Hookups $4,500.00, 20 yr. assessment with 5% interest per year. All Extensions will be reviewed by the council, and may at the council’s discretion be charged higher Water & Sewer hookup fees. EXTENSIONS CAN BE DENIED.
NOTE:  North Kittson Rural Water Special Assessments
as applied to other city hookups also apply.
This certification is being completed by Carol Johnson, Lancaster City Clerk/Treasurer on January 8, 2020.
Carol Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer
(January 15, 2020)

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