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Kittson Central Board Meeting – May 22, 2019

Kittson Central Board Meeting
May 22, 2019
The Board of Education of #2171 met in regular session May 22, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. in the Kittson Central boardroom. Members present were Mike Sugden, Crisa Mortenson, Mike Olsonawski, Eric Ristad, Matt Kuznia and Mark Johnson. Also present were Superintendent Jaszczak, Jami Carr, Tina Turn, Lindsey Gullickson,  Anna Jauhola, and Stephanie Hanson.
The meeting was called to order by Kuznia. The agenda was approved by Mortenson,  seconded by Ristad. Motion carried. Minutes from April 24, 2019 were presented. Motion to accept minutes by Johnson,  second by Olsonawski. Motion carried. The bills having been audited and found correct were ordered to be paid. Post payment bills (hand payables) were approved for $5,692.25. Prepayment bills for $61,953.99. Payroll Electronic Fund Transfers in the amount of $235,305.73, Payroll Checks in the amount of $46,941.68. Donations of $179.70.
End of the month balances were:
01    $2,501,054.49
02    $(10,460.28)
04    $(24,168.40)
06    $158,190.69
07    $96,813.65
08    $44,709.76
Totals    $2,766,139.91
on a motion to approve by Johnson, second by Pinnock. Motion carried.
The facilities walk around found some repairs that need to be taken care of over the summer as well as identifying some longer term issues
The video from the MSHSL was viewed. Motion to approve membership in the MSHSL by Olsonawski, seconded by Ristad. Motion carried.
The flooring quotes were discussed with one coming in significantly lower. The scope of the project will likely be reduced. Tabled until new costs have been established. Supt. Jaszczak will get a new quote for the amended project.
The 400 Series Policies were presented for approval. Motion to approve Olsonawski, second Mortenson. Motion carried.
The certification of the Graduating Class of 2019 was presented. Motion to approve Ristad, second Johnson. Motion carried.
The Resignation of business manager, Denise Blomquist was presented. Motion to approve Mortenson, second Pinnock. Motion carried.
Superintendent Jaszczak talked about the change in math curriculum requiring a change in furniture needs. Need to be more conducive for group work. Looking into possibilities and have been trying different things out to get teacher feedback. There will also be some storage cabinet needs.  The legislature has come to an agreement with some increase for education in the next year and the following. Cross subsidy to help with special education funding is included in the bill. There is a language change requiring school boards to have control over all extra-curricular and after school programs. There is a new requirement for dyslexia screening  in lower elementary.  Kittson Central already has this in place.. The summer help has been hired, with two of them being returning workers.  Graduation practice  went smoothly in the auditorium.
Next meeting is June 19, 2019 at 8pm.
Motion to adjourn Johnson, second Mortenson. Motion carried.
Stephanie Hanson
Recording clerk
(June 26, 2019)

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