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Lake Bronson City Council approves building permit for museum addition

By Anna Jauhola
Dirt and cement work will likely begin in October for a long-awaited addition to the Kittson County Historical Museum/Center in Lake Bronson.
The museum board of directors announced the intention to finally build an addition earlier this year and had hoped to begin building in August. However, it took a little while for the Lake Bronson City Council to decide on issuing a building permit.
The council approved the permit during its meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 18, but not without extra discussion.
Museum Director Cindy Adams and Board member Deb Cederholm attended the meeting and showed the council the addition specs.
“It’ll be room for events and our storage area,” Adams said. “And we’re planning so the museum would be locked and the addition could be rented out for events.”
Council member Skip Strom asked, and Adams replied, she had heard from the county regarding setback distances for the building. Strom said he also measured according to county specifications and said the building location is good to go.
“My only concern is that it doesn’t bite into our 75 feet of road,” said Council member Leana Kowaliuk. “That’s all. As long as it doesn’t conflict with our road.”
Strom reiterated he measured from the edge of the city road, Third Avenue, to the east, and he measured from the middle of County Road 28 to the south. Both areas are in compliance with setback laws.
“How do you know where the edge of the road is?” Kowaliuk said.
Kowaliuk said the council needs to be sure the road is not impeded, and that if it is, there needs to be a 30-day public hearing held to inform the public.
Strom said, again, that he measured according to county specifications, spoke with the county zoning administrator and confirmed setbacks were in compliance for the addition.
“I’m all for passing (the permit) as long as I know that it’s not interfering with the road,” Kowaliuk said, stating again that interference requires a 30-day public hearing.
Council member Pattijo Shablow made a motion to approve the building permit requested by the museum board.
The council approved the permit while commentary streamed on until Adams asked if the board can proceed with construction.
“Yes, you can start,” Shablow said. “It’s approved.”
“Right, you guys need to get going before October,” Strom said.
“Thank you very much,” Adams said. “You guys have a good night.”

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