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Dillon Hayes, Kittson County Administrator, on behalf of the County Board of Commissioners, will receive sealed bids until 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, for the following services to-wit:
1) Public printing and publishing, including the publication of the County Board proceedings, Pursuant to M.S.A. 375.12, Summary of Financial Statement for 2020, Pursuant to M.S.A. 375.17, Delinquent Tax List of 2020 taxes, pursuant to M.S.A. 279.09 and all other legal notices required by the County.
2) Publication of the Summary of Financial Statement for 2020 as the second paper in the County, Pursuant to M.S.A. 375.17.
The printer must be aware of Minnesota Statutes 331a.06 that provides for the fees for publication and the information to be provided on the affidavits of publication.  The printer shall submit the bid on a form provided by the Kittson County Tax Services Office and shall attach a 2021 rate sheet.
The word “Proposal” must be written on the outside of the envelope, as well as the time the proposal is to cover.
The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any informality in the interest of the County.
Dated at Hallock, Minnesota, this 8th  day of December, 2020.
Dillon Hayes
Kittson County Administrator
(seal)               218.843.2670
(December 16, 2020)

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