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Two Rivers Plus 1W1P

Two Rivers Plus 1W1P
Draft Plan 60 Day Public Review
The Two Rivers Plus One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P) Planning Group is pleased to submit the draft plan of the Two Rivers Plus Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for a 60-day review on behalf of the members. This comprehensive watershed management plan is a highly detailed plan laying out issues, goals, and actions within targeted sub-watersheds (planning zones). The actions highlighted within this plan are to be funded through Watershed Based Funding allocated to each 1W1P Planning Area. These funds come from the Clean Water Fund set up through the Clean Water Legacy Act.
The Two Rivers Plus Planning Group invites the public to submit comments on the Plan by April 14, 2021. A copy of the Draft Plan can be found at:
Please submit written comments to both (comments may be submitted electronically):

Jeremy Benson
Kittson SWCD
District Technician
410 South 5th Street, Suite 106
Hallock, MN 56728
218-843-2619 Ext. 3

Matt Fischer
BWSR Board Conservationist
403 4th Street NW, Suite 200
Bemidji, MN 56601

After completion of this review period, a summary of comments received will be provided to all who commented and the Two Rivers Plus Planning Group will hold a public hearing on a date yet to be determined.
Thank you on behalf of the members of the Two Rivers Plus Planning Group:
Kittson County
Kittson Soil and Water Conservation District
Roseau County
Roseau Soil and Water Conservation District
Two Rivers Watershed District
(February 24, March 3, 2021)

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