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KCC hockey ends the week 1-2 on the road

By Josh Rynning, coach
Starting off the week, the KCC hockey team headed to Red Lake Falls on Tuesday, Dec. 12 to play the Eagles. Coming out strong in the first period, Morgan Muir scored the first goal of the night putting the Bearcats up 1-0.
After Muir’s goal, the RLF Eagles picked up the pace scoring 5 unanswered goals. Halfway through the second period, Muir scored again for KCC. While trying to battle back from a 5-2 deficit, the Bearcats let up 5 more unanswered goals.
Isaac Gustafson put one in the back of the net to finish the game off with a Bearcat loss of 10-3.
1st Period —Scoring: KCC – Muir Goal (even strength) (Samuelson) 2:30; RLF – Harmoning Goal (even strength) 10:46; RLF – Breiland Goal (even strength) (Seeger) 13:32; RLF – Audette Goal (even strength) (Payment) 14:24. Penalties: None.
2nd Period — Scoring: RLF – Girdler Goal (even strength) (Knott, Seeger) 0:56; RLF – Breiland Goal (power play) (Audette, Seeger) 2:41; KCC – Muir Goal (power play) 7:33; RLF – Girdler Goal (even strength) (Payment, Breiland) 7:51; RLF – Girdler Goal (even strength) (Seeger) 11:37; RLF – Girdler Goal (even strength) 11:58. Penalties: Johnson, KCC (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 2:00; Girdler, RLF (Slashing, Minor, 2.0 min) 6:00.
3rd Period — Scoring: RLF – Breiland Goal (even strength) (Lanctot, Knott) 2:14; RLF – Audette Goal (even strength) (Konickson, Knott) 3:07; KCC – Gustafson Goal (even strength) (Muir, Samuelson) 5:10. Penalties: Seeger, RLF (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 6:00; Melin, RLF (Head Contact, Minor, 2.0 min) 13:40.
Next the Bearcats headed to Lake of The Woods to take on the Bears on Friday, Dec. 15. KCC came out to play in the first period with Dana Brown scoring the first goal of the night.
The Bearcats held a 1-0 lead going into the second until Isaac Gustafson and Wyatt Samuelson added goals for KCC, putting them up 3-0.
Going into the third period with a lead, KCC also had to fight off a penalty taken by Wyatt Samuelson. During the LOW Bears powerplay, Randy Woods scored, making it a 3-1 game. The Bearcats came out with their first win after Jameson Turner stopped 60 of the 61 shots taken by LOW.
1st Period — Scoring: KCC – Brown Goal (even strength) (Muir, Gunnarson) 7:00. Penalties: Johnson, LOTW (Head Contact, Minor, 2.0 min) 12:20.
2nd Period — Scoring: KCC – Gustafson Goal (even strength) (Samuelson) 1:57; KCC – Samuelson Goal (even strength) (Johnson) 16:03. Penalties: Cook, LOTW (Interference, Minor, 2.0 min) 8:52; Muir, KCC (Hooking, Minor, 2.0 min) 12:28; Cook, LOTW (High-Sticking, Minor, 2.0 min) 13:52; Samuelson, KCC (Elbowing, Minor, 2.0 min) 16:45.
3rd Period — Scoring: LOTW – Wood Goal (power play) (Kvernen, Baron) 1:28. Penalties: Johnson, LOTW (Cross-Checking, Minor, 2.0 min) 9:19.
To finish off the week, KCC headed to International Falls to play the Broncos on Saturday, Dec. 16. Following the win in Lake of the Woods, the Bearcats weren’t able to repeat the same outcome against the Broncos.
Coming out slow in the first period, KCC let up 4 goals on 25 shots, while Wyatt Samuelson was the only player to score for the Bearcats.
KCC held the score at 4-1 the entire second period.
With 5:27 to play in the third period, the Broncos capitalized on another goal to finish the game with a Bearcat loss of 5-1.
1st Period — Scoring: IFALLS – Allan Goal (even strength) (Crandall) 7:29; IFALLS – Crandall Goal (even strength) (Allan) 7:29; IFALLS – Crandall Goal (even strength) 8:23; IFALLS – Shikowsky Goal (even strength) (Crandall, Allan) 10:26; KCC – Samuelson Goal (even strength) (Johnson) 14:47. Penalties: None.
2nd Period — Scoring: None. Penalties: Gunnarson, KCC (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 6:43.
3rd Period — Scoring: IFALLS – Shikowsky Goal (even strength) (Allan, Crandall) 11:33. Penalties: Shikowsky, IFALLS (Roughing, Minor, 2.0 min) 6:09.

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