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Tough losses follow Bearcats into hockey playoff season

By Josh Rynning, coach
On Tuesday, Jan. 23, the KCC Bearcat hockey team took on the Crookston Pirates. With a tough start to the game, the Bearcats let up 3 unanswered goals in the first period.
That was followed by another 3 goals in the second, and 1 in the third.
Crookston scored 7 unanswered goals, making the final score 7-0 for a Bearcat loss.
1st Period — Scoring: CRKSTN – Trudeau Goal (even strength) (Street) 1:09; CRKSTN – Street Goal (even strength) (Trudeau, Benson) 11:58; CRKSTN – Reese Goal (even strength) (Larson, Lubinski) 12:58. Penalties: Samuelson, KCC (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 5:40. Goalie Changes: None.
2nd Period — Scoring: CRKSTN – Miller Goal (power play) (Melsa) 4:48; CRKSTN – Edwards Goal (even strength) (Street) 5:42; CRKSTN – Ecker Goal (power play) (Fischer) 15:22. Penalties: Johnson, KCC (Roughing, Minor, 2.0 min) 1:02; Brown, KCC (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 4:12; Benson, CRKSTN (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 9:45; Johnson, KCC (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 13:37. Goalie Changes: None.
3rd Period — Scoring: CRKSTN – Miller Goal (even strength) (Funk, Reese) 6:16. Penalties: Fischer, CRKSTN (Roughing, Minor, 2.0 min) 2:34. Goalie Changes: None.

After a tough loss to Crookston, KCC got the amazing opportunity to play Lake of The Woods Bears at Hockey Day Minnesota. After letting in 3 unanswered goals in the first period and an additional short-handed goal to start the second, KCC’s Wyatt Samuelson finally put one in the net two minutes into the second period to make it a 4-1 game.
After trying to gain some momentum back, the Bearcats let in another goal in the second period while holding them in the third to make it a 5-1 final.
1st Period — Scoring: LOTW – Kvernen Goal (even strength) (Wood) 8:00; LOTW – Wood Goal (even strength) (Stromlund) 13:20; LOTW – Kvernen Goal (power play) (Wood) 14:21. Penalties: Thompson, LOTW (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 9:41; Gustafson, KCC (Cross-Checking, Minor, 2.0 min) 13:51; Kvernen, LOTW (Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Minor, 2.0 min) 14:51. Goalie Changes: None.
2nd Period — Scoring: LOTW – Wood Goal (short handed) 0:50; KCC – Samuelson Goal (even strength) (Gustafson, Muir) 2:33; LOTW – Baron Goal (even strength) (Laplante) 10:28. Penalties: Hasbargen, LOTW (Hooking, Minor, 2.0 min) 14:20. Goalie Changes: None.
3rd Period — Scoring: None. Penalties: Canfield, LOTW (Roughing, Minor, 2.0 min) 0:49; Kvernen, LOTW (Head Contact, Minor, 2.0 min) 3:25; Baron, LOTW (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 4:14; Johnson, KCC (Holding, Minor, 2.0 min) 5:58. Goalie Changes: Turner, KCC 0:00.

On Thursday, Feb. 1, KCC Bearcats took on International Falls in Hallock with the same outcome as the first head-to-head matchup with the Broncos.
While getting outshot 32-16, KCC struggled to put the puck in the net. The Broncos on the other hand did not, scoring 7 unanswered goals against KCC to make it a 7-0 loss.
1st Period — Scoring: IFALLS – Keep Goal (even strength) (Crandall, Youso) 3:00; IFALLS – Keep Goal (even strength) (Crandall, Olson) 6:16; IFALLS – Youso Goal (even strength) (Crandall) 16:21. Penalties: McFarland, IFALLS (Cross-Checking, Minor, 2.0 min) 6:57. Goalie Changes: None.
2nd Period — Scoring: IFALLS – Youso Goal (even strength) (Thompson) 3:05; IFALLS – Crandall Goal (power play) (Keep) 4:46; IFALLS – Olson Goal (even strength) (Crandall, McFarland) 14:18. Penalties: Gustafson, KCC (Minor, 2.0 min) 3:58; Youso, IFALLS (Interference, Minor, 2.0 min) 6:21; Johnson, KCC (Roughing, Minor, 2.0 min) 14:27. Goalie Changes: Turner, KCC 4:46; Lindegard, KCC 6:21.
3rd Period — Scoring: IFALLS – Crandall Goal (short handed) (Keep) 2:42. Penalties: Olson, IFALLS (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 1:36; Huff, KCC (Tripping, Minor, 2.0 min) 9:02. Goalie Changes: None.

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