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KCC Bearcats win double-header hockey against Ely Timberwolves

By Dylan Johnson
To start off the varsity Bearcats Hockey season, the team traveled to Ely for an overnight trip, with the first game on Friday, Nov. 25, and the second game on Saturday, Nov. 26.
The Bearcats started off the game on Friday night with a goal by Hayden Olsonawski, assisted by Ethan Hanson and Tyler Hennen. The Bearcats continued on with another goal, scored by Hennen, and assisted by Gavin Johnson and Eli Muir.
Then, the Ely Timberwolves ended the period with 2 goals, to tie up the score 2-2 heading into the second period.
From the first few seconds of the period, the Bearcats went on to score 6 goals in a row, from 30 seconds into the period, until 4 minutes left. The goal scorers in the second period were, 1 goal from Hanson, Johnson, Hennen and Isaac Gustafson, and 2 from Olsonawski.
Multiple assists went to Hennen and Olsonawski, and 1 from Morgan Muir and Isabelle Deere. At the end of the period, the Timberwolves added 1 goal to the board, to end the second period 8-3.
During the third period, Ely scored 2 goals, while Olsonawski added 1 more goal to the scoreboard, to finish the game with a score of 9-5, with a Bearcats win!
Jameson Turner had 30 saves for the night.

1st Period: 1. KCC Hayden Olsonawski (Ethan Hanson, Tyler Hennen) 2. KCC Hennen (Gavin Johnson, Eli Muir) 3. ELY Deegan Richards (Drew Marolt) 4. ELY Marolt (Richards)
2nd Period: 5. KCC Hanson (Morgan Muir, Olsonawski) 6. KCC Olsonawski (Hennen) 7. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski) 8. KCC Olsonawski (Hennen) 9. KCC Johnson (Hennen, Isabelle Deere) 10. KCC Isaac Gustafson (Hennen, Olsonawski) 11. ELY Jace Huntbach (Marolt, Richards)
3rd Period: 12. ELY Jackson Hegman (Logan Loe, Kole Macho) 13. ELY Richards (Unassisted) 14. KCC Olsonawski (Hennen)
Shots: KCC- 39 ELY- 46
Penalties: KCC- 2 minutes (1 infraction) ELY- 6 minutes (3 infractions)
Saves: KCC- Jameson Turner- 30 ELY- Ben Cavalier- 31 Ben Leeson- 15

The second game of the weekend was another win for the Bearcats.
KCC scored the only goals scored during that period. The first goal was scored by Tyler Hennen and assisted by Eli Muir. The second goal was scored by Dana Brown, assisted by Morgan Muir and Hennen.
Going into the second period, the Bearcats scored the first 2 goals again. The goals were from Olsonawski and Hennen and were assisted by E. Muir and Olsonawski. Between thatpair of goals, Ely scored 1 goal. The last two goals for the second period were by Gavin Johnson, assisted by Hennen, and the second from Hennen, assisted by Olsonaski and Ethan Hanson.
The second period ended with a score of 6-1 to the Bearcats.
During the third period, the Bearcats and Timberwolves each scored 1 more goal, to end the game 7-2 with the Bearcats earning their second win of the weekend.
Isaac Lindegard had 48 saves for the Bearcats.

1st Period: 1. KCC Tyler Hennen (Eli Muir) 2. KCC Dana Brown (Morgan Muir, Hennen)
2nd Period: 3. KCC Hayden Olsonawski (Unassisted) 4. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski, E. Muir) 5. ELY Brecken Sandberg (Logan Loe, Jackson Hegman) 6. KCC Gavin Johnson (Hennen) 7. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski, Ethan Hanson)
3rd Period: 8. ELY Jace Huntbach (Wes Sandy) 9. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski, Hanson)
Shots: KCC- 38 ELY- 50
Penalties: KCC- 3 infractions (6 minutes) ELY- 4 infractions (8 minutes)
Saves: KCC- Isaac Lindegard- 48 ELY- Ben Leeson- 31

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