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Bearcats defeat Eagles, fall to Broncos in hockey action

By Dylan Johnson
The Bearcats started off another week of hockey with a game in Red Lake Falls, Minn., against the Eagles on Tuesday, Dec. 13.
The Eagles started off the game with a goal a minute into the period, setting the pace for a fast game. Toward the end of the first period, the Bearcats were able to score 2 goals, to leave the period ahead 2-1. Hayden Olsonawski scored the first goal unassisted. Morgan Muir scored the second goal, assisted by Elijah Swanson and Tyler Hennen.
Starting off the second period, the Eagles scored 2 more goals back to back. Then came a fast-paced run of Bearcat goals, all scored within four minutes. The goals were scored by Isaac Gustafson, Olsonawski, Hennen and Ethan Hanson, with assists going to Olsonawski, Hennen, Muir, Timothy Johnson and Jameson Turner.
The Eagles scored 1 more goal before the end of the period, to leave the Bearcats ahead 6-4. The Eagles hit a stride in the third period, to score 3 goals in a row, ahead of the Bearcats 7-6. Then, with a little over a minute left in the game, Hennen scored a goal, to send the Bearcats into their fourth overtime game of the year!
The overtime period went on for almost four minutes before Hennen scored the game-winning goal.
The final score was 8-7. Jameson Turner had 42 saves for the night, with one assist as well.

1st Period: 1. RLF Ben Ness (Brock Seeger, Carson Erickson) 2. KCC Hayden Olsonawski (Unassisted) 3. KCC Morgan Muir (Elijah Swanson, Tyler Hennen)
2nd Period: 4. RLF Ness (Erickson) 5. RLF Gavin Girdler (Unassisted) 6. KCC Isaac Gustafson (Hennen, Olsonawski) 7. KCC Olsonawski (Hennen) 8. KCC Hennen (Timothy Johnson, Jameson Turner) 9. KCC Ethan Hanson (Morgan Muir) 10. RLF Seeger (Girdler, Blake Briland)
3rd Period: 11. RLF Evan Girdler (G. Girdler) 12. RLF E. Girdler (G. Girdler, Seeger) 13. RLF Breiland (E. Girdler, G. Girdler) 14. KCC Hennen ( Swanson, Gavin Johnson)
OT: 15. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski)
Shots: KCC- 39 RLF- 49
Penalties: KCC-6 minutes (3 infractions) RLF- 10 minutes (5 infractions)
Saves: KCC- Jameson Turner-42 RLF- Pacey Struthers- 31

After a postponed game on Friday, Dec. 16 due to weather, the Bearcats traveled to International Falls on Saturday, Dec. 17, to play the Broncos.
The Broncos started off the game with 2 goals in the first period, while the Bearcats only had 1.
Tyler Hennen scored for the Bearcats unassisted.
Going into the second period, the Bearcats’ Hayden Olsonawski scored the first goal, assisted by Hennen and Dana Brown, to tie the game up at 2-2. But the Broncos continued to dominate with 3 more goals in the second period, leading the Bearcats 5-2.
Going into the third period, the Broncos continued with 2 more goals. Then, the Bearcats hit a stride and scored 3 goals in a row — Hennen, assisted by Olsonawski; Elijah Swanson, assisted by Hennen and Olsonawski; and Olsonawski unassisted.
But the Broncos scored 1 more goal to end the game with the Broncos winning, 8-5. Isaac Lindegard had an impressive 46 saves for the Bearcats.

1st Period: IF Nate Dremmel (Braden Skifstad, Cody Joslyn) 2. IF Asher Keep (Julius Maish, Dremmel) 3. KCC Hennen (Unassisted)
2nd Period: 4. KCC Hayden Olsonawski (Hennen, Dana Brown) 5. IF Skifstad (Joslyn, Cooper Crandal) 6. IF Joslyn (Cejay Hasbargen) 7. IF Aidan McFarland (Colin Kostiuk)
3rd Period: 8. IF Kostiuk (Joslyn) 9. IF Max Dremmel (Unassisted) 10. KCC Hennen (Olsonawski) 11. KCC Elijah Swanson (Hennen, Olsonawski) 12. KCC Olsonawski (Unassisted) 13. IF McFarland (Kostiuk)
Shots: KCC- 26 IF-54
Penalties: KCC- 8 minutes (4 infractions) IF- 10 minutes (5 infractions)
Saves: KCC- Isaac Lindegard- 46 IF- Tyrel Shoberg- 21

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